Organization Information

The mission of Paul’s Rocket Stoves ® LLC is to facilitate engagement with contained fire that inspires primal connection with nature and community. These handmade 80% perlite / 20% portland cement rocket stoves are mobile contained fireplaces that harness updraft and are ideal for cooking anywhere with wood – in a safe, efficient, and engaging manner. They are absolutely a good fun time. Because the combustion is contained and the exhaust emits through a chimney, they are not classified as open burning and are therefore permitted in city limits. They really are the safest means of having a recreational fire ideal for cooking. Because the combustion is so efficient, by utilizing the updraft in the chimney, dry wood can achieve almost a completely clean burn with virtually no smoke. Paul’s Rocket Stoves is equipped with an LLC, an Erie County Food Permit, Liability Insurance, and hundreds of gigs of experience in demonstrating these rocket stoves for tens of thousands of people. Paul is ready to fire up your event with the inspiration of harnessed fire in a beautiful rocket stove.

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