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Each one of us has a place we all call home. Each home has special characteristics and aesthetics which have a profound impact on who we are. The imagery of home, may bring us back to baking chocolate chip cookies with Mom, or first learning to ride a bike. Teaching your own children how to play the piano, or sitting around the table eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner Maybe it’s even meeting those new-born grand-kids for the very first time. Whatever your image is of home, It’s your memories, your family, your life- simply stated, it’s yours. Yet life changes; kids grow up, friends move on, family changes. Your home should be able to adapt to those changes. All without losing the cherished memories and characteristics that have gone into creating your home. We strive to utilize our knowledge and expertise to give your home the enhancement it needs. We don’t live in your home, you do. You know what you like, what you desire, your lifestyle. we are simply there to bring your ideas to fruition. The story was once told of a boy who while walking along the beach, which was littered with star-fish. He methodically went to each individual star-fish and gently tossed it back into the ocean. An old man watched the boy briefly picking up and tossing star-fish back into the sea. He saw the never-ending task ahead of the boy, and went to talk with him. He kindly asked the boy what he was doing- he possibly could not make a difference to all the star-fish on the beach. The boy, looked up at the old man and quietly tossed another star-fish and simply stated “to that one I made a difference”. At Haven Architecture, we are not the perfect architect. We simply devote all our knowledge and efforts into making your home a perfect fit for you. To you, we can make a difference. After all, a home is much more than simply a roof over your head. It’s your haven.

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