Sean Fitzgerald, founder at Gung Ho Local, llc

When you’re on a website, and that popup appears asking you to opt-in or not, do you look at it or just ignore it? Whether or not you decide to opt-in, or if you think those “popups” get in your way, your site needs one. You need a lead magnet on your site to connect to the user and make sure they see your content. While it doesn’t really need to “pop up”, it’s important to make sure your lead magnet is valuable enough to make users want to opt into your emails.

In order for people to stay on your site, you have to have relatable and useful content that keeps users wanting more. I know what you’re thinking right now, “I already have a website and social media, isn’t that enough?” To put it simply, no. You need a way to make sure you show up in their inbox every day. Even when you’re posting on social media (which you should be doing at least once a day) doesn’t guarantee your users are going to see it. When you have a lead magnet that attracts your users and makes them want to opt into your email sequence (discounts on services, e-books, research papers, etc) you are guaranteeing your users are going to see your services and they are going to look at your message and be reminded of your business.

A large number of daily sales are done because of email sequences; someone saw a product or service they want in an email and got it. Think of how many times you bought something on sale because of an email; that all started with a lead magnet! Having a lead magnet and following with an email sequence and updates are going to keep you relevant to your customers. It may seem like a daunting task maintaining your website, finding the perfect lead magnet, posting on social media, setting up email sequences, and running your business. In today’s market, all of these must be done to keep your business selling and growing. A lead magnet on your site is an easy way to connect and reconnect with your clients and customers.

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