VSP Graphic Group of West Seneca, NY has entered into the virtual reality world of using fully immersive digital 3D & VR technology that can instantaneously teleport people into virtual environments they can develop a sense of presence within to explore, experience, discover, and be inspired to visit and “be there.”

VSP and Holocube North America have both partnered on 3D Holographic Imaging Creative Displays.  The Holocube is a 3D holographic projection enclosed in a sleek, contemporary design.

The displays are 3D rotational images that look real and can be interactive with people. Much of the use now is focused on retail and marketing industries, but the medical world is embracing this technology for training physicians on medical techniques and procedure.

HoloCube will work on production of custom applications that may be incorporated for the Western New York business community and locations where VSP has offices, such as West Palm Beach FL, and Seattle WA.

Here are some samples of technology that VSP/HoloCube can offer.

Super Bowl  Porsche  Touch Wall  Leap Motion   Detroit Pistons Logo Reveal  Volvo Penta

VSP has also partnered with a local virtual reality company iTours 360VR that provides interactive & informational 3D & VR virtual tours/walk-throughs of interior and exterior environments.   These digital 3D & VR tours can be viewed via iPhone/smartphone, iPad/tablet, flat screen/desktop monitors, VR headsets/glasses. These 3D digital models and virtual tours can be used for marketing, student and personnel recruitment, educational and consumer engagement purposes.  Interactive & informational virtual tours provide an innovative “experiential marketing” platform that is exciting, educational and engaging.

UB Bulls – Murchie Family Football Center   Hard Rock Café – Niagara Falls, NY   Anchor Bar – Williamsville, NY

These innovative virtual tours/walk-through programs are beginning to gain momentum due to the power of 3D/VR to instantaneously teleport someone into another place – from virtually anywhere, anytime. Because this technology bridges both our real “3D World”, with our ever expanding “Digital World”, people can be transported via text, email, web, social media, or any digital marketing channel of choice. The social media component allows the 3D/VR virtual experience to engage consumers and viewers without the processes of one-on-one presentations.  A shared link becomes the digital teleportation portal that can launch marketing and recruitment campaigns into another dimension.

VSP, known to the region as a creative solution provider and large imagery manufacturer of print and dimensional goods, is proud to move into 2018 with virtual reality and actual reality imaging. The new vertical will lead VSP to produce custom display systems including touch screen displays up to 30′ wide, and full presentation AR and VR display systems.

VSP Graphic Group is going into its 23rd year with the creative endurance to provide unique imagining and services that are ahead of its time.

VSP is the official graphic company to the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.