Hamburg, NY (November 9, 2018) – Stahlka Agency, an independent insurance agency and a member of the EMS Group, recently announced the launch of their new Select Business Unit. The new division will be dedicated to servicing the needs of select companies throughout Western New York. The Select Business Unit will assess the ever-changing risks and needs of these businesses and provide them with customized insurance solutions that will protect them and their growing business. Our new Select Business Unit will be using our trademarked Stahlka Guard approach to help evaluate clients’ needs and access them for limited customized programs designed to enhance their coverage opportunities.

The Select Business Unit will be led by Jennifer Serio, Select Team Leader, Danea Johnson, Select Account Manager, and Racquel Guido, Select Account Executive. “We are delighted to have Jennifer Serio, Danea Johnson, and Raquel Guido on the team to expand our Select Business Unit and our product and service offerings.  Jennifer, Danea, and Racquel each have vast knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry and they will enable us to provide our clients with a high-quality experience. Our team will assist businesses to make informed and educated choices about their insurance. We want to help make our local business more successful, it’s vital to the well-being of our communities” said Mark Stahlka, President of Stahlka Agency.

About Stahlka Agency

The Stahlka Agency has proudly been serving the Western New York Community since 1957 and became a member of the EMS Group of insurance agencies in 1995. Currently the have two locations; they serve the North Towns out of their office in Williamsville and they serve the South Towns out of their recently opened office in Hamburg. Stahlka Agency specializes in commercial insurance, employee benefits, and personal insurance products, with an emphasis on carefully assessing each client’s need, hence providing them with customized insurance plans along with personalized service. For more information about Stahlka Agency, please visit